Guitar Tuner Software is a useful application that can help you string your guitar while playing it, with the help of the computer microphone. The application can capture the sound you make while playing the guitar and identifies the frequency and chord, indicating whether the tune requires adjustments.

Most guitar tuner software simply play the sound of a particular string or chord, as it is supposed to sound, so you can adjust your guitar until the sounds match. Guitar Tuner Software is capable of recording the sound coming from your guitar as you play, with the help of the microphone attached to your computer.

The application requires either a microphone or a similar, audio input device in order to function, since capturing sound is its main purpose. It can quickly analyze the tune and identify its frequency and the guitar chord. Moreover, it can detect whether the guitar strings need adjustment and indicates the result as a positive or negative number, depending on the anomaly.

Guitar Tuner Software is capable of identifying the (main) audio input device connected to the computer and display it in its interface. There are no specific requirements regarding the audio recording device, however, the accuracy of the results depends on the captured sound. The software can capture the sound from the input device, analyze it, but it does not save it in an audio file.

Guitar Tuner Software is dedicated to strumming any musical instrument with strings, however, it is most suitable for the guitar, due to the frequency calculator. The frequency analyzer is what determines if the guitar is out of tune or not. You can select one of the available options for the sound capturing mode: 1024, 2048 or 4096 points. You need to make this choice before you start the process.