When trying to learn a musical instrument, such as the guitar, it is important to learn the musical notes and their position on the chords, so that you will be able to properly sing them.

GuitarNotesFinder is a reliable utility that can aid you in this matter, by displaying the musical notes and their positioning on a chart, as well as a guitar’s chords.

The application allows you to quickly study the layout of the musical notes on a sheet, along with their placement on a guitar chord. By simply pointing the mouse on the music sheet, you are displayed with the note corresponding to that position, as well as with the highlighted placement of the note on the guitar chord.

This works both ways, as pointing a place on the chords will reveal a notes name, along with its position on the music sheet.

GuitarNotesFinder can help you test your knowledge on music notations and their guitar chord placement with ease. By highlighting a certain note on the chords and letting you choose its name, you are testing your memory skills regarding musical sheets and notations. Each answer, regardless of right or wrong, is being registered, as the program displays essential statistics about your performances.

Aside from this, the application plays corresponding sounds for each musical note, just as they would be played by a guitar. By doing so, you can accommodate with how a note sounds, and you can learn to play them “by ear”

To sum it up, GuitarNotesFinder is ideal for people that wish to learn how to play the guitar. Although it has an intuitive and clean interface, the program leaves room for improvement, such as keystroke mapping for each musical note.