GVJackApp is a useful and effective software solution that aims to provide you with the means of making phone calls through the Google Voice or Hangouts services, using a magicJack or magicJack Plus devices, as well as a regular phone.

All you need to do it plug in the device into the USB port of the computer, then login to your Google accounts using the email address and password. Similarly, a normal phone will do it making calls.

Bear in mind that for correct functioning, you need to ensure the installation process is complete, for the magicJack login window to be displayed. Similarly, you need to verify that the computer speakers and microphone are set as default input and audio output devices.

In the case of ‘The Original Calling’ version, as opposed to ‘New Hangouts Calling’, you should have a dedicated Google account, created with the intention of being used with GVJackApp only, as otherwise the Google Voice service risks being confused with incoming calls and has a hard time determining where to send them.

Because you can use a regular phone to make calls, you can go off the hook, and then dial the intended number. Should a dial tone be emitted, it means you have vocal messages that you can listen to by calling your own number.

Through the ‘New Hangouts Calling’ feature, GVJackApp enables you to make free international calls to both smartphones and computers using Google+ Hangouts.

With the help of GVJackApp, you can put your magicJack dongle to good use and carry on making calls to other people’s phones or computers, regardless of the fact that it may be used or even expired.