Since communication has advanced so much that anyone around the world can get in touch, dictionaries probably come in handy more than ever. H-Dictionary is a handy application that gives you the possibility to view the Hindi equivalent of any English word.

The main window of the application puts everything at your disposal in a colored user friendly interface. Two lists are available, each containing the language specific words. A search engine gives you the possibility to quickly find any desired word, either in English or Hindi.

Additionally, side panels let you sort by starting letter, in case you don't exactly know the word. For enhanced learning, an integrated function reads the a selected item so you get a glimpse of the pronunciation. Unfortunately, this is only possible for English words and the quality of the sound leaves a little something to be desired.

Considering the word database is not large enough, you can insert words. Doing so requires you to write down both in English and Hindi. Moreover, the application gives you the possibility to make use of a virtual and phonetic on-screen keyboard with Hindi characters, for enhanced accessibility.

When running the application, along with the main window, a small icon is brought up. Whenever you minimize the window, it is easily accessible through the “H” icon that stays on top, making it easier to use when in need of a quick translation.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that H-Dictionary is a handy utility to help you out in Hindi translations. It's easy to use and provided options get the job done fast. The integrated pronunciation function only further enhances what it has to offer.