If you're constantly working nights and the monitor light is hitting your eyes like a train, you might want to start looking for a solution that can reduce that eye strain. Over the years, multiple applications and platforms started to implement night mode themes that turn the background darker in order to alleviate this problem. However, there are a lot of interesting places on the web where there is no such protection. Hacker Vision is a simple Chrome extension that applies a dark theme to any webpage you visit.

Make sure you have the add-on pinned to the extension bar after the installation is over so you can access its UI as quickly as possible. Once you've opened the interface, you'll quickly notice that there is only one important element to it, which is the slider. The slider moves between the Disabled and Active positions, and based on that, you can apply or remove the dark mode for any webpage.

Besides the slider, there are two more buttons that appear to have the same role. The buttons are labelled as Dark and Normal, where normal is the default layout of the page. If you're wondering why these buttons are there, if the slider can already do this job, you are right to question this. Anyway, the explanation is simple. While the slider is set on Active, the dark mode will be applied to all new tabs or pages. In case you stumble upon a page where the dark theme is not necessary, you can simply disable it by using the Normal button — this way only desired pages are affected.

Hacker Vision is a neat application that takes care of your eyes by implementing a dark mode on each and every page you access. However, the extension is not free of charge, but its trial period lasts for six months, which is a great deal of time in which you can decide if the price is right.