Image manipulation is a precise field when it comes to various quality adjustments, such as sharpness, brightness and contrast, but it can also require a bit of an artistic eye. There are no exact rules that apply in the case of pattern creation, since the result differ greatly depending on the image in question.

Halftone is a plugin utility that enables you to easily manipulate your pictures in a variety of ways, but also create a wide variety of patterns using dots, shapes and various other tools. Before applying any pattern, you can prepare the image by adjusting its main characteristics, such as brightness, contrast and general smoothness level.

In addition, you can also change the resolution by increasing or decreasing the DPI level, which also deeply affects the overall quality of the photo. Using the included slider, the amount of lines per inch can be increased or decreased as well and you can choose between the square, triangle or hexagon layouts.

The application enables you to add a variety of pattern types, such as dots, waves or jitter. The dot patterns can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the dot size as well as their shape. Beside circles, squares and stars, you can also include your own shapes from separate image files. Furthermore, you can control the color and the opacity level of the dots.

As for the wave pattern, it comes in a few categories, such as radial, orthogonal or spiral and they can all be added at the same time over your image. To change their appearance, you can make use of the shift, amount and size sliders, which enable you to accurately control the final result.

Halftone delivers a wide variety of tools and adjustments you can toy with, in order to manipulate photos and create the desired patterns. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, with easy-to-use sliders for every available function and a useful preview window to display the modifications in real-time.