There are many holidays around the world where people celebrate the spirits of the deceased, but none of them are as famous as Halloween.

While some of you may decorate your house with spiders and ghosts and zombies, you can also use Halloween 3D Screensaver to decorate your PC's monitor.

The graphics are a bit of a let-down on this screensaver, as it has been developed for some time now. The 3D models are blocky, the textures are of very low quality, and even some of the animations are a bit static.

Another letdown on the app's behalf is the fact that it loops too often, in both music and visuals, giving off the impression that it is just some 3D GIF that plays over and over.

One redeeming factor, however, is the soundtrack. If you were to close your eyes and ignore the visuals, you would get chills sent down your spine from all the ghoulish growling, cries of the damned, wolf howls and moaning. The music itself is also worth mentioning, as it might bring flashbacks of several famous horror movie titles.

The app has several features that can be adjusted to better fit with your tastes or system requirements. For example, you can enable or disable the high-quality textures, sounds, and music, or adjust the volume, resolution or aspect ratio.

Those running multi-monitor systems might be pleased to find out that this app can be run on all screens at once, thus enhancing the spooky experience. Unfortunately, despite all of these customizable settings, the screensaver could be described more as silly than horrifying.

If you are looking for a screensaver that is Halloween-themed, yet not spooky enough to give your kids several sleepless nights, then this screensaver is certainly one you should take into consideration.