Since we're not far from Halloween 2019, and because all children want to get as involved in this holiday as they possibly can, Halloween Cakes was born.

This beautiful and colorful app is more or less aimed at children, though if you are one at heart, we recommend you try this too. The app allows its users to custom design their own cakes for Halloween. There is no surprise there, it's all in the app's name.

The app will most likely attract children because of its theme and also colorfulness. We must agree, though, that the latter has really been well thought out. The matching colors and their seasonal aspect complete the look of an otherwise interesting app.

There are many lessons to be learned from this app, and all of them are as colorful as the app itself. The vibe of the app, the whole design is quite evidently guided by the brilliantly chosen color scheme.

Right from the start, you can tell this app is one of those fun programs you let your child play with and have some fun yourself. While this may be true, individuals might just miss the main point of the app, the educational role. The app tries to teach children about the importance of one's choices by allowing them to make many of those.

Additionally, children are stimulated to learn about cooking and also about art and many of its conventions. Without even realizing, these children are finding new and exciting things just by playing with this simple app.

Thus, Halloween Cakes is an application that most people should download around this period. It's seasonal, it's gorgeous and it has an educative side to it. There can't be too many things one may still ask of such an app, as it has the potential of winning a lot of young hearts on its side.