Hallows Eve aims to help you get into the Halloween spirit by creating frightening images with tombstones, witches and jack o’ lanterns and use them as wallpapers or for any other purpose.

The application comes with a generous range of presets that you can use, alongside a variety of Halloween-specific objects that can be easily placed on top of the loaded image. From scary crypts and cemeteries, to ghost scenes, haunted houses and spooky zombie presets, you can have them all in your pictures.

The collection of individual objects includes bats, graveyards, black cats and glowing eyes, carefully designed ghosts, brooms and boiling witch pots, zombie hands, crows, haunted houses, skulls, scary trees or statues and many more. It is up to you to combine different elements together so as to create a beautiful scene.

Regardless of the scene you pick, there are a few adjustments that you can make to the color tone, image darkness, the contrast and the cloud strength, all to help you generate the scariest picture ever. Alternatively, you can hit the 'Randomize' button to obtain frightful effects.

Areas of the photo you don't need can be easily removed from the photo by using the crop tool. Hallows Eve features zooming capabilities, undo and redo functions and allows you to compare the original image with the edited one.

Hallows Eve enables you to create Halloween wallpapers, greeting cards or simple images that will send shivers down your spine. With a bit of creativity and the generous collection of Halloween objects that Hallows Eve includes, you can design your own greeting card or Halloween wallpaper in just a few minutes.