Passwords are the keys that open virtual locks. These can be set for nearly anything you can think of, and using different ones increases the chance of forgetting them. Luckily, applications such as Handy Safe Desktop Professional give you the possibility to store all precious info in a secure database only you have access to.

The application features a cleverly intuitive design witch lets you accommodate in the blink of an eye. Everything is well arranged throughout the workspace, with adjustment possibilities here and there.

You will mostly work with cards. These basically represent domains that require personal info, and can range from your basic address to credit card details or social network accounts.

Each have several predefined fields you need to fill in, and can be edited if not suitable or even add more. Also, one of the many given icons can be attributed for easy identification, as well as a background color on which info is displayed. Unfortunately, you cannot add more or customize the existing ones, but the provided content is large enough to suit any needs.

For easier navigation and identification of your cards, these are stored in folders accessed with a single mouse click. Several default ones can be used, also being possible to create your own. There is also a search field when having to work with multiple accounts.

Although not advisable to do so, you are given the possibility to sent any card from your database via mail. It automatically opens up your email account and exports contact detail, so you only need to enter the correct sender. Last but not least, if the situation requires, you may also print cards on a sheet of paper.

To sum it up, Handy Safe Desktop Professional is a practical utility in which you can store valuable information. It cannot be accessed without a password and it even locks when the computer is idle so that no one steals any details while you are away from keyboard. If you can't rely on your memory, then you can rely on this application.