Designing your invitation or card requires a bit of work but, with the right tools in hand, this entire endeavor can become less time-consuming and have better results. One of the applications that makes it easier for anyone to create gift cards, invitations, and business cards is HappyCard.

With various templates to choose from, HappyCard manages to carefully combine words and graphics to create beautiful designs tailored to different events.

You can create gift cards and vouchers to give to your friends for their birthday or other celebratory events, create Christmas, birthday and baby welcoming cards, condolence cards and thank you cards.

As for invitations, the application sports a few templates for weddings and parties, but the "offer" is not too generous.

Of course, you can leave aside the templates and start fresh with a blank page.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that a rich object library is at your disposal. There are various forms representing hearts, food, birthday symbols, animals, arrows, stars, speech bubbles, as well as floral decorations and ribbons. Different areas of your design can be highlighted using beautifully designed separators. Aside from the forms, HappyCard comes with a collection of interesting stamps fit for several occasions.

Additionally, you can import images on your computer and include them in your card, and add custom texts written in stylish fonts.

The card you create can be exported to your PC in various formats, printed on paper, or shared online on social networks or via email.

While it is not a professional graphic editor, HappyCard is a good option for non-experts who want to create a beautiful design without too much hassle. A carefully crafted invitation is the first step to turning your personal event into a great memory for everyone.