Starting to learn how to play the guitar or violin or pretty much any other musical instrument can be done today from the comfort of anyone's home and using one of the numerous dedicated tools available on the software market.

HappyEO Pro is one such utility and it's main focus is the piano, but it is equally suited for the electric organ as it comes with all the necessary features in the same package.

The GUI provided by this program is very easy to understand and work with, so even less experienced users will have no problems in getting along with it.

All the functions are in plain sight and thus the user can choose the accompaniment and the type of instrument and start playing. The configurations can also be made right on the spot, so everything should be ready in a couple of minutes.

A nice thing about HappyEO Pro is the ability to assign different sounds to the left and right keyboards, so, for instance, you can have drums on the left and jazz drums on the right. Also, the voices used for these keyboards can be set independently from each other, with custom modulation, reverb and octave shift parameters.

There are 12 preset accompaniments ready for use and the same number of preset voices are ready to be selected right from the main window. There are two sliders on the left side of the application, one controlling the master volume and the other the tempo.

With HappyEO Pro it is possible to edit and test effects from a dedicated area, while the control window provides quick access to the main sound adjustments and you can use this section to load one of the demo songs provided inside the package.

All in all, this tool proves to be well suited for all types of users and it packs a lot more than one would think when first looking at it. The numerous customizations and controls can make HappyEO Pro a favorite for many users.