Having a server that can allow you to run the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol when streaming media is essential. Just as with the client component, the advantages that the aforementioned protocol can bring are numerous, but also dictate the requirement of specialized software in order to be able to handle and parametrize such streams. This is exactly what Happytime SRT Server aims to provide, by offering users a dedicated live streaming server for low-latency-based SRT streams.

The application was designed in accordance with the specific requirements for streaming media files, live screen, application windows, as well as input from dedicated camera devices and microphones, over the SRT protocol.

Based on a C/C++ code, the server offers cross-platform porting and low latency. When it comes to the RTSP and RTMP protocols, both streaming and relay are supported. If wanting to include a pusher service, users will have to rely on a special format for the push stream, which is covered both in the documentation, as well on the official website, here.

Lastly, due to the end-to-end low latency of the SRT server, the characteristics of the streamed video media are recreated on the receiver’s end, therefore eliminating the need for buffering.