Hard Disk Tune-Up is a straightforward and intuitive application designed to help scan and fix hard drives problems in a short time. File fragmentation might result in slow performance and startup, crashes and can increase the reading times.

The program offers an easy way to rapidly defragment the hard disk so you won't have to wait too much to resume your work. It's wrapped in a simple and clean interface with three steps: scan, results, and optimization. Each provides detailed information about the system's status.

Once you started the app, all you have to do is select the desired partition and proceed to scan it. During the process, a panel is displayed with fragmented, optimized, used space, MFT, and processed files. After the operation is completed, Hard Disk Tune-Up shows how many non-optimized records were found and how much free space you can get after improvement.

Plus, you can see the boosting percentage of the potential reading time, along with a more detailed summary of the scan. The report is opened in a new Internet Explorer tab where are displayed the total and free disk size, the number of clusters, bytes per sector, search start and end time, as well as elapsed time, the total amount of items and fragmented files, and the volume fragmentation before and after.

The current read time calculates the currently taken time by your system to read a file from the drive, while the optimized function, shows the reduced time that takes to access a record from the drive after optimization is done.

The final step is the boosting feature that helps prevent slow startups, unexpected shutdowns and system failures, and PC crashes that can arise due to heavy file fragmentation. After the operation is finished, you can see the before and after difference.

Taking everything into account, Hard Disk Tune-Up is a useful and simple application that comes in handy when you want to quickly defragment different hard drives and increase the overall performance of the computer.