Harmor is a synthesizer, both additive and subtractive that also sports the features of an audio re-synthesizer. It includes modules such as oscillators, filters and phasers that can be adjusted in order to achieve the desired result.

During the installation procedure the application provides options for installing both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version; apart from this there are few stops on the way to completing the operation.

For an inexperienced user the interface may appear daunting and disorganized but a someone familiar with this type of programs should not have any difficulty with recognizing each area.

At a closer look it is clear that all related switches have the same color, in order to make a clear difference between them.

Among the features of the application there is the possibility to perform multi-modal synthesis, which entails a combination of classic subtractive with audio resyntyhesis and image synthesis.

The processing units available in the utility include prism, pluck, blur, filters and a phaser. Any change with any of them takes effect automatically and can be tested on the keyboard in the lower part of the application window.

As far as modulation is concerned, Harmor provides advanced multi-part articulation envelopes. It is a powerful features that makes available a plethora of options and combinations.

To make things easier for the user the developer included a large list of presets that can be used for specific projects. All the entries are organized into categories for better finding the right one.

Harmor includes a hefty set of preset configurations musicians can rely on but it also provides the freedom to create and transform sound to fit your needs. It is not a tool for the novice and even the average user might have some trouble understanding some of its features.