When sharing files between computers or across the Internet, you may need to verify their integrity, to ensure that the transmitted documents are identical to the source files.

Hasher Lite is a powerful utility, designed to help you verify the checksums of various files using a large amount of supported algorithms.

The application allows you to load individual files, as well as all the documents in a specific directory. When processing multiple files, it is possible to skip certain ones, as well as stop the operation whenever it is necessary.

Once you have selected the documents you wish to analyze, Hasher Lite calculates their checksums using a number of algorithms: CRC32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RMD128, RMD160 and ED2K.

When the operation has been completed, the program displays checksum values for the last file in the processing queue and allows you to copy them to the clipboard.

It is possible to easily analyze two processed files, to determine whether or not they are identical. The application can compare the currently loaded file with another of your choice, as well as the next two files in the processing queue.

Hasher Lite then informs you whether or not the contents of the two files match and which of the analyzed checksums are different.

It is possible to export the information gathered about the currently opened file. You can select which checksums value you are interested in, then have the program copy the relevant data to the clipboard.

The application also allows you to save the entire processing log to various formats (SFV, MD5SUM and SHA1SUM). You can choose to have the program include only file names or their entire paths, as well as specify which hash types should be exported.

Overall, if you are looking for an intuitive application that can calculate file checksums and compare documents, to make sure they are identical, you can try Hasher Lite.