There are many applications and programs on the Internet that you could use in order to organize and catalog all sort of information. One of them is HD Book Organizer.

It's a neat software solution that allows you to keep track of books that you've collected and add various details. You can use a database to create, edit and manage all the entries easily.

The application installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive and clean user interface with many neat tools at hand.

It doesn't come with any customization options, which means that you won't be able to make any changes to the application's overall appearance. It also has an extensive help menu with lots of tips and instructions for getting accustomed to the application.

It launches directly with the blank book entry, you can type in the name of the book, record date, publish date, user define, author, co-authors, publisher and even value. It also allows you to add the ISBN, number of pages, book store or website where you bought it from.

You can specify the friend who loaned it to you and add some notes with your thoughts on the book. It allows you to assign the book to a certain category, pick from art, business, classic, fiction, horror, mystery, reference and science fiction.

You can rate your books and pick a format, choose from audio tape, computer file, hardcover, magazine, newspaper, paperback or video tape. It comes with a built-in calculator and the option to manage all database entries. You can also print the current book entry and it allows you to define sections in the database.

All in all, HD Book Organizer is a very useful application that helps you create a database with all books in your collection, add ratings, author's name and assign it to a category.