Many of us have heard or are frequently using Skype as a means to communicate with distant relatives, friends or colleagues. Therefore, it comes in handy to have the possibility to store those precious moments within computers or portable devices. So, HD Call Recorder for Skype offers you the possibility to record Skype conversations with only a few mouse clicks.

This software utility addresses all level users and is extremely easy to work with due to its simple and user-friendly interface. It proves to be easily accessible since you can access it from the system tray or by attaching it to Skype. Besides manually recording Skype calls, you can carelessly enjoy conversations by enabling the auto-recording function.

The application comes with various video recording modes such as side-by-side, separate files, local or remote webcam only. Side-by-side means that you can record videos in split-screen mode, each video occupying half of the screen. Make recordings into separate files and set the application to record videos only from local or remote webcam users. But at any time you have the option of recording solely audio.

When you manually record conversations, you can choose the preferred video codec, change the resolution and aspect ratio, as well as the frame rate of your video recordings. Moreover, sound quality can be improved by adjusting the audio bitrate and sample rate.

Unfortunately, the application supports only MP3, MP4 and AVI formats. So, if you want to share your recordings, you can only use these formats or make use of various converters.

Overall, HD Call Recorder for Skype is a must have piece of software for those who want to safekeep their Skype conversations in their computers.