HD RecipeLocker is a simple to use application specially created for your household. In it you can find thousands of recipes just waiting to be tried out.

It displays a user-friendly interface that enables even the most novice of users to be able to browse through the recipes, add new or delete existing ones. The application has its recipes divided into 7 categories: Snacks, Main Dishes, Seafood, Appetizers, Soups, Poultry and Special DIets. Providing thousands of items, you can easily say that every major food group and taste is covered.

The recipe content is displayed in a large screen by order of ingredients and cooking instructions. The content of this recipe book is easy to follow but it does have its setbacks. You can navigate through the recipes using previous and next buttons but you can not jump to a specific entry. Clicking the ‘Show All’ button doesn’t give you a list of all the recipes found in the selected category but takes you to the first entry.

It does however provide you with a search function that you can use to find recipes by title and content. And even so the found results aren’t displayed in a list. You navigate through them using the same previous and next buttons. Imagine searching for the word ‘sugar’, and getting 773 results which you can’t see in a list and are not even alphabetically organized. That’s quite the test on your patience.

One feature that somehow makes up for this lack of detailed indexing is the possibility to create a list of bookmarks. Once added to the list you can jump to any of them and view their content.

All in all HD RecipeLocker has a very big potential as a recipe organizer due to the simple fact that it has such a big number to choose from, but it does need serious improvements the way you can browse the recipes.