Keeping track of all the items in your collections can be a tedious and time consuming task, but only if you don't have the appropriate tools for the job. When it comes to cataloging and managing software applications, a utility like HD Software Organizer might come in handy.

This program consists mainly of a customizable database in which you can add manually the entries corresponding to the titles you wish to manage. The interface is clearly designed exclusively for practicality and everything you see in the main window has a precise and pragmatic purpose.

There are numerous fields you can fill in for each software you add, including the title, release, record and purchased dates, version number, as well as the developer details. In case you have a paid product, you can also add registration details like serial number, price or trial period.

With HD Software Organizer you can specify on each entry some extra details such as the physical location and the installation folder. Adding notes and personalized images is also possible. There are many free fields which can be customized completely, so you can define the supplemental parameters on the spot.

For every software you include in the database you have the possibility to place it in a particular category and thus make it more easy to find. More so, you can include for every item in the catalog the format it is kept in and assign a rating according to your personal preferences.

All things considered, HD Software Organizer may indeed prove to be a good choice for those interested in keeping a close eye on their software collection. The feature pack is not too impressive, but there are enough customizable fields for the database items to allow a customization in detail of all the entries.