One of the first steps in improving the performance of your PC is to start analyzing the software you are running and identify the resource hogs. In addition to the RAM, these apps can take a toll on the hard drive as well, so keeping an eye on your HDD activity can come in handy.

HDD LED Pro is one of the utilities that can assist you in this task, especially since it supports both HDDs and SSDs.

Once you run the application, a new icon is displayed on top of all your open windows and you can modify its appearance (and size) to your liking. The same goes for the corresponding system tray icon, though fewer options are available.

The main icon position can be locked with a single mouse click and restored at a later time, while the transparency can be adjusted too - however, the drop-down menu does not follow suit and its look does not match the transparency level you set.

When it comes to configuring HDD LED Pro, you can only adjust the refresh rate, ranging from really slow (750 ms) to really fast (10 ms). Typically, the fast (50 ms) rate should be enough for the regular end user, but you should just tinker with the settings until you are fully satisfied with the result.

A nifty feature of this utility is its integrated disk space checker, which basically displays a notification as soon as the available free space drops beneath a pre-defined level. You can disable this feature altogether if you do not need it.

All in all, HDD LED Pro can come in handy to all those who want to continuously monitor the activity of their hard-drive so as to promptly close unnecessary software when the activity level gets too high.