Powerful computers can put a put a significant strain on installed hard drives and there is always the danger of them overheating, especially when you consider that they lack dedicated cooling systems.

HDData is a useful tool that helps you monitor your drives and can alert you when their temperature exceeds levels that could cause permanent damage.

On application launch, the utility scans your system for installed storage devices and displays important data about them. You can view the device type, capacity, free and used space, model number and how long it has been in use.

You can also access a list of advanced information about various drive parameters and have the program print it for later reference.

Additionally, if you are using a solid state drive, the application can display its estimated lifetime.

HDData continually records hard drive temperature and displays it in the system tray. You can choose to view it in either Celsius or Fahrenheit units.

It is possible to set two values that represent caution and alert temperatures, then specify which action the program should undertake when one of these levels is reached.

The application can send an e-mail to a specified address, notifying you if the temperature exceeds certain values or at S.M.A.R.T. failure. You can also load any WAV file from your computer for it to play, in order to trigger a sound alert.

Furthermore, you can specify whether HDData should put the computer in hibernation mode or even shut it down if necessary.

The application features a tabbed interface and all its main functions are easy to access. However, it would benefit greatly from a redesign, as its current appearance is rather outdated.

Overall, HDData is a lightweight utility that can help you protect your hard drives by monitoring them and notifying you when temperature values surpass dangerous levels, as well as when a S.M.A.R.T. failure occurs.