Monitoring tools can be found in various shapes and size, and for various purposes. Virtually anything that is on your computer can be kept under surveillance. HddLed indicator is a small, lightweight utility you can use to view your hard drive's activity at any given moment.

In case you have multiple storing devices, or volumes, you are given the possibility to add a virtual blinking led indicator for each one. Move them around, carefully align them, and even change the color for performed actions, like read, or write. You can do all of this from the “Appearance” tab in the options menu, where it is also possible to change transparency, and time intervals for info to update.

If you don't want to get confused, you may also choose to display all activity in one indicator. However, with the tick of a box you can show/hide drive, or volume names on each led.

The application also features the “Use keyboard ScrollLock led to indicate activity” box, which, if ticked, will keep you up to date using already existing, palpable led indicators.

HddLed indicator will barely take up anything on your machine. Because of it's good configurations it can run on any computer. In exchange for its installation, not only will you receive a set of led lights to blink on your desktop, but if you hover your mouse over them you can view in depth info about your memory.

This small utility can prove useful when having to do with a lot of physical drives, and volumes. It carefully lets you monitor their activity, justifying why some files may take longer to be transferred. If your computer's case is not directly visible, you might consider giving HddLed indicator a try.