It may not be the best music medium quality-wise, but YouTube, besides all else, is without a doubt one of the best environments for discovering new music.

However, when it comes to YouTube's music streaming capabilities, lots of things could be better. As it happens, there's an app for that, and it goes by the name of Headset.

In just a few words, this nifty, cross-platform, and Electron-based app aims to transform YouTube into your personal music streaming service. For starters, it does so by selecting the lowest possible video quality (fortunately, though, the audio quality) to help you save bandwidth.

Furthermore, it also allows you to add newly discovered music to various collections (which are locally-stored, mind you), as well as discover and listen subreddit curated radio stations.

Other than that, you might appreciate other aspects of this ingenious app. For example, the installation process unfolds without requiring any attention on your part. Another area that needs mentioning is the app's compact, responsive, and very intuitive user interface that resembles the layout of a mobile app.

On a different note, there's a good chance that you might prefer a more desktop-like UI and better system integration, for example, taskbar integration would have been useful.

Lastly, due to YouTube's somewhat restrictive policy (at least in this case,) Headset can't really separate the audio from the video content which means that the video player is present at all times,  but at least it can be minimized.

All in all, Headset is a fairly interesting app that proposes an ingenious solution that might appeal to users who desire a hassle-free way of discovering new music content on YouTube, directly from their computer desktops.