HebCalendar is a Hebrew calendar program.

With Hebcalendar, you can:

Show a Hebrew (lunar) or English (civil) calendar for a given month (Civil, 1700-2240; Hebrew, 5460-6000), complete with holidays and Parshiot (weekly Torah Portions).

Show a list of Jewish holidays for any Hebrew year, 5460 to 6000, and view their corresponding civil dates.

Convert a date from Hebrew to English and vice versa.

Display sunrise, sunset, and a list of "Zmanim" (times relevant to Jewish law) for any day from 1801-2099. (PC Version: You can enter latitude, longitude, and time zone, or select from a list of 722 U.S. cities. Mac Version: Zmanim are computed based on the settings in the Map and Date/Time Control Panels.)

Here are some key features of "HebCalendar":

■ printing of calendars

■ holiday lists

■ Zmanim tables

■ copy to clipboard (as EMF on PC)

■ "smart" calculation of Shabbat candle-lighting times

■ customizable toolbar