Help Generator for Visual Basic 6.0 is a straightforward and intuitive application designed to help create HTML help books and files that may be later integrated into Visual Basic compatible tools.

It's wrapped in a well-organized and clean interface, similar to Microsoft Word and it displays a ribbon menu, three panels (content, project folder and entries on page) that can be moved to any location, or simply closed.

In order to make a new project, which represents the first node of the book, you have to access the menu. A project wizard is shown to guide you through the necessary steps, such as giving a title, a specific location, language, and default font and size.

Once done, the tool generates a folder with all the required items, displayed in the project pane. Various types of documents can be added, like decision or overview topic, multi-step and one procedure, or just a blank file. Depending on what you choose, distinct options are available.

The "Edit" tab provides a wide range of formatting elements such as font types, styles, and colors, strikethrough, bold and italic, as well as sub and super script, and font size adjustment. Plus, you can insert bullet and number lists, align paragraphs left, right and center, as well as add tables, images, and hyperlinks. Another useful feature is the possibility to add quick parts such as bottom line, copyright, example, warning, or tips for an easier concept.

Along with the editor comes a standalone screen capture tool, which is sent to the systray when running it for the first time. From there you can select what you want to do, like generating a document in TXT, HTM, or XML format, or capture a specific area as an image in JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. In the bottom of the window you can see the project's design and HTML code, and preview it in the web browser.

To sum it up, Help Generator for Visual Basic 6.0 is a reliable software utility that comes in handy when you want to easily create an HTML help book with the aid of the large variety of content elements and formatting options. It can later be integrated into Visual Basic.