Helpinator is a reliable and powerful tool that enables you to create, modify and compile help files, compatible with a large series of programs. The application is easy to use and offers you a wide range of tools for text editing, image embedding or associating URLs. Moreover, you may save the results in multiple formats.

Helpinator is an useful application, especially when it comes to quickly creating a Help file for a program in development. Its comprehensive interface is divided so that you can access the tree structure on the left side, as well as simplify or append it with useful tools. The main area, on the right is where you can make the desired changes.

Helpinator is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, allowing you to work with many graphic elements. It features several built-in templates that you can customize to suit your requirements, however, you can easily create a brand new one, with the help of the HTML template builder. The screenshot tool and tutorial maker are designed to help you insert comprehensive content in your Help file.

Helpinator allows you to create specific Help files, for a large series of programs and enables you to compile each one to several formats. The program supports creating general Help files, in CHM format, as well as for specific applications: QtHelp, Major Mind, Java, Oracle or HelpGUI.

Moreover, you can save the project in several formats, such as PDF, RTF, Web help, EPUB or MOBI. Alternatively, you can instantly publish it to WordPress. Certain types of Help files must be created in specific templates, for example those for Major Mind, Oracle or HelpGUI.

Helpinator also allows you to print the new project straight from its interface. Moreover, you can save the undergoing work to a .HPZ file, which you can import at any time you wish to make changes. The program can remember the most recently opened documents and enables you to continue your work without checking-in the entire project every time.