helpMATIC Pro was designed as an authoring application whih will help the user to create professional looking help files quickly and easily.

Writing help files for your applications is easy with helpMATIC Pro. Using the help context property in helpMATIC Pro you can easily integrate your help files into your applications. No matter what language you use, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, C++ Builder, in fact any programming language that supports help context id's. helpMATIC Pro will make it a breeze to create help files for your applications.

helpMATIC Pro is great for creating any type of help file, let it be a help file for documentation for a application, or just a standalone help file. For example:

· A system administrator could create a simple help file to give users instructions for setting up their computers.

· You could create a multimedia book in help file form. Pictures, video clips, sound can be added with just a few mouse clicks, and users can go from page to page using hyper-links.

· Perhaps a newsletter, or a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or maybe even a phone number list.

Here are some key features of "Helpmatic Pro":

· 'What you see is what you get' editing

· Support for upto 255 help windows

· Text styles

· Project Explorer and Topic/Pop-up List windows

· Export and Import features including HTML

· Context sensitivity

· A fully graphical Contents Designer for creating contents tabs

· Support for a wide range of link types

· Creation of push buttons

· WinHelp macro support

· Multimedia support with Video and Sound

· One click compilation and viewing of help files

· Full on-line help

· Setup and uninstall


· a standard PC running any windows version (Windows 95 to XP are all supported)

· the FREE Microsoft Help Workshop


· You are entitled to use it for a total of 30 days without having to register