Heritio is one of those applications that tends to stand out among the huge crowds of software solutions and applications existing online. Its purpose is not really tied to functionality, as much as it is tied to users' desire to understand their past and know their ancestors. While much of the research will still have to be done in the classical way, with pen and paper, Heritio will help with putting together your finds into a beautifully-generated family tree.

It's not necessarily that this application is a big deal, but rather that it brings to view functions that you wouldn't necessarily think would exist in an application. This family tree creator and editor fits a certain, more niche, public. If you're looking to create a family tree, then Heritio is the right way to go, but if you have no clue as to why or how genealogy is important, then this app is definitely not for you.

The interface might seem a little outdated, but don't worry, because behind its interface, Heritio is packed with features. You can edit a template and adjust it for your needs. Add or delete relationships, depending on how your family evolves. Edit the text and make it fit with the rest of your family tree theme. You'll spend a lot of time tweaking your family tree.

No matter what you're expecting from Heritio, one thing is certain. There really isn't anything new or scary about this application, especially if you have some experience with text editors in general. The concept behind it is almost the same, only difference being a couple of added forms one has to fill in order to have the family tree as complete as possible.

Right from the start, the process is fairly simple. Choose a template, add content such as: photos, names, dates of birth, jobs etc. and arrange the layout to fit whatever purpose you have in mind. It's that simple. If there's no photo to be added, fear not, the application will add a general profile picture, based on the gender of the added individual.

Heritio is an application dedicated to users that would like to piece together their family history, no matter what the purpose. It gives one a reason to actually conduct all that research, without having to commission somebody to piece together all the information. With this application, you can piece it yourself.