Hermetic Word Frequency Counter is a simple application designed to enable you to easily count words and word frequency in your text files.

The software ranks each word in the text based on the number of occurrences, while also providing you with info on the frequency at which every word is used. Moreover, the application will display info on the number of characters that the longest word in your text includes.

With this application, you can choose either to count the words in a specific document already saved on your computer, or you can simply paste text from the clipboard to analyze it, all from a simple, intuitive interface.

You can set the utility to ignore various words from the count, including specific common words, short ones, or those that lack a letter. Moreover, the app enables you to ignore words that occur only once or twice in the text, and to allow numerals or words with hyphens, apostrophes, and other symbols to be counted too.

Once you have set up your options in the app, your can learn the total number of words in a document, along with the total number of instances of words in the text. Moreover, you also have access to info on the number of instances of words in the list generated by the app itself.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter enables you to select words to be ignored from the analysis either by loading a common words file of your choosing, or by using the default one in the app.

As soon as a text has been analyzed, you can choose to see the results list in different formats by including or excluding info on ranking, words, and frequency. Moreover, you can choose to view only a list of the words in the text, ordered either alphabetically or based on their frequency.

Overall, Hermetic Word Frequency Counter can prove a helpful tool when it comes to learning more on your writing patterns, thus enabling you to eliminate frequently repeating instances of words, and to make your texts easier to read.