Protecting your personal files from unauthorized access can be vital when you are sharing the computer with other persons. One solution involves the creation of hidden folders that cannot be viewed or accessed without entering a password.

Hide Folder Ext enables you to hide directories on internal or external drives and password protect them to keep your files safe and private.

Every partition available on the system can only hold one hidden folder, but there are no limits on how many partitions can be used at the same time. Once the application loads, you can scan the drives for hidden directories or create new ones. Since they are completely invisible outside Hide Folder Ext, you are required to enter a password before creating a new item.

The folder opens in an Explorer window and you can add or remove files using the usual methods, including drag-and-drop. After you finish removing or adding documents, you can use the “Protect and Quit” button to save the changes and reactivate the protection.

Hide Folder Ext can handle NTFS or FAT32 volumes and a wide range of operating systems. The hidden folders remain invisible even if you log in from a different OS version, allowing you to switch between various file systems and still keep your files protected.

The application can keep the folders hidden on other machines as well, if you happen to connect your external device on a different computer.

Hide Folder Ext ensures your privacy by keeping sensitive files out of sight and password protected. The whole operation can be completed with only a few mouse clicks and the process is very intuitive and straightforward.

The fact that it can only hide one folder per drive can be perceived as a disadvantage, especially if more users want to use the application on the same computer. But, since there is no size limit for the hidden folder, you can store as much information as you desire.