Hide Secret Files is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name - it allows you to hide files and folders on your computer.

This type of software is recommended the moment you share your computer with multiple users. This way, you may preserve the privacy of your sensitive information.

Upon program initialization, you are required to set a password that shall be used to unhide items. The interface of the application consists of a user-friendly window where you can use the folder view to locate and add files and folders to the list.

Once you click the 'Hide' button, Hide Secret Files shall proceed with the task - this may take a while, according to the size of the files you have selected.

From the 'Settings' area you can modify the program password, as well as make Hide Secret Files use the local drive or only the system drive.

The software application runs on a low amount of CPU and system memory, so it shouldn't put a strain on the computer. It has a good response time and didn't cause the operating system to freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs during our evaluation.

On the downside, Hide Secret Files may take a very long time to hide or unhide content, depending on the size of the files. No recent updates have been made to the app. Nevertheless, novices may quickly learn how to handle Hide Secret Files, thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity.