Hide-XP is an application that can be used to quickly hide any of the active windows.

The idea behind this program is as simple as it gets: whenever you wish to save space on your desktop or you simply want to hide a window from somebody next to you, simply press one of the configured hotkeys and completely hide the window without closing it.

The application is pretty easy to configure despite the great amount of features, and this is actually one of its strongpoints too.

If you’re trying to hide a window via the main screen of the app, head over to “Application Selector” and drag the flashing crosshair over the title bar of the target window. Then select it from the list below the crosshair and you’re done.

In addition, Hide-XP allows users to set up pre-defined applications, which can be automatically hidden using the hotkeys or via the main window. What’s more, Hide-XP comes with a “favorite” menu to configure the windows you wish to hide on a regular basis.

Of course, Hide-XP gives you the option to change the hotkeys and even hide its process from the Windows Task Manager.

Although its name may suggest that it only works on Windows XP, Hide-XP runs smoothly on all Windows versions without affecting the overall stability of the system.

To sum up, Hide-XP is a helpful product, that’s true, so future releases could only bring it closer to the elite of this particular software segment. It has what it takes to become a top product, but it still needs a few improvements here and there.