HideIPVPN is an application created to help you bypass Internet restrictions from your country by hiding your IP address and making it look as if it originates from a different location.

This way you are able to access content from websites that would normally be unavailable. Moreover, with this application installed you can also use VoIP applications and protect your online identity.

HideIPVPN is an application that doesn't need any special kind of configuration prior to or post installation. It displays a user-friendly interface which makes the entire task of hiding your IP extremely simple.

From a ‘Connection’ section you can choose the VPN protocol you want to use, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN or SSTP, as well as select the country you want to mimic activity from. Each one provides a list of servers that you can connect to and in case something goes wrong, the application notifies you of it.

To make things even easier, HideIPVPN can be set to run immediately after your system boots and automatically sign into the account you use. Also, if your Internet connection drops, the application automatically attempts to reconnect.

HideIPVPN comes with an ‘Application Killer’ feature that allows you to close specific software which is running on your computer when the connection drops. This way you can avoid having Internet dependent applications hang and consume resources or crash. Already a good feature to have, it gets better as you can also have it restart the previously closed applications when the connection is reestablished.

Besides granting unrestricted Internet access, HideIPVPN serves a much more important purpose. While routing your traffic through the servers that the application uses, you are able to maintain your anonymity meaning that your online activity can’t be traced and your are less susceptible to virtual attacks.

To sum things up, HideIPVPN is a very handy and practical tool to have around when you want to access restricted websites and protect your online identity. It worked smoothly on the newest Windows version in our tests.