HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager is a download manager for albums and songs stored in the online library of HIGHRESAUDIO. The tool is necessary for downloading FLAC files that have extra requirements.

HIGHRESAUDIO is an online store and library for music experts and those who can appreciate sound quality, clarity, and vibrancy. For mainstream usage, a 16-bit encoded file, which would be a premium quality song file in Spotify's library, is amazing. Anything that is higher can be considered suitable for experts and people for whom good is not enough.

HIGHRESAUDIO offers FLAC, 24-bit, super-large-in-size files. These can be downloaded using HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager. A song like that can be around 100 MB in size, and (optionally) should be played on a qualitative, powerful device/machine for the listener to be able to discern the song's refinement and the instruments' precision.

HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager is a simplistic tool. It does not have any complex functionality, and it does offer straightforward commands. There are three tabs you can switch between while navigating/using the program — New Tracks, Running Downloads, Audio Archive. Downloads, as well as additional triggers, are initiated from the web platform/music library. All requests coming from there are received by the desktop application. In the 'Running Downloads' tab, you see active downloads, in 'New Tracks', what was recently added, and finally, in 'Audio Archive', old added items.

For large FLAC files, you need some sort of a buffer. That is why it's recommended to use HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager. This program is for your highly qualitative music files what a load balancer is for a server. It helps regulate requests and manage them efficiently, according to their type. The desktop app will eliminate possible hidden file corruption, will keep logs of all downloads, and will preserve your queues' priority.

In conclusion, HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager is a practical and useful program. It servers its purpose well and acts like an extension, an enhancer of the online music service. If you are a devoted music lover and would like to undergo a high quality, immersive musical experience, you can try HIGHRESAUDIO and also download and test its desktop app.