Working as a game developer can be a difficult job sometimes, as it often involves working with numerous lines of code in order to achieve a high-quality product.

However, nowadays there is a vast selection of software solutions designed to simplify your work by providing you with multiple features that might come in handy. One of them is Hillmix.

Hillmix is a lightweight application that packs a simple, sleek user interface, which encompasses various tools, organizing them in a neat manner for enhanced accessibility.

However, despite its simplicity, this application was designed to simplify the work of game developers. Therefore, novices might encounter some difficulties trying to understand or operate its controls.

This application can help you to edit game levels in an easy, convenient way, by allowing you to select a folder to use as an object library. You can choose any image file in the selected folder and include it in your design, edit and set various parameters for it.

You can specify a name, define X and Y coordinates, set a rotation angle and decide whether it is touchable or not. Additionally, this application also allows you to enable physics for the object by setting its body type, density, friction or velocity.

Aside from the functions mentioned above, this program also allows you to draw objects on your project manually by providing you with multiple tools that can help you do so. It is possible to use the circle, rectangle, polygon or line tools in order to achieve that.

To wrap it up, Hillmix is a lightweight application that can help you generate or edit game levels by either importing images from your library or manually drawing objects on the project. It comes with a smooth user interface and packs intuitive functions.