HipChat is an effective and straightforward software solution worth having when you need to communicate with your friends, share ideas and files and create personal chat rooms in seconds.

HipChat helps you stay in touch with your friends and never miss an important conversation while you are offline. You have the possibility to get instant notifications whenever a coworker or a teammate shares codes, creates a branch or comments on various topics.

Thus, using the aforementioned utility you can bring clients, vendors, stakeholders and other users into a HipChat room and get complete control on what you share and discuss.

The main window of the application is very intuitive and enables you to add as many friends as you want and invite them to your personal chat rooms. The interface is very clean and does not include useless tabs and menus that might reduce your chat window.

As far as the security aspect is concerned, HipChat is based on a 256-bit SSL encryption algorithm so you can rest assured that all your chats are secure and each transfer you make does not include viruses and other threats that might affect other users' PC.

When creating a new chat room, you are required to enter data such as name and topic. This way, you can make a difference between them if you manage multiple chat rooms. Also, you have the possibility to grant access to anyone who wants to enter your chat room, but you can also restrict the access to specific users.

What’s more, HipChat integrates within various collaboration tools such as Scout, Confluence, Bitbucket or JIRA so you can make the utility your team’s command centre and never miss any notifications.

Taking into consideration the main purpose it was designed for, HipChat proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to communicating with your friends or coworkers, sharing PDFs and other files for instant feedback and creating chat rooms that are perfect for projects or entire departments.