How many times have you been in a situation where you wanted to revisit a previously checked website and forgot its name? If you've dealt with such situations, then it's time to give History Search a try on Chrome and see how it fares in your crusade against forgotten websites. This extension will help you find what you seek simply by requiring key words you might remember. It is easy to use and user friendly.

The extension will strike you right from the start as being organized. You can rest assured that you won't even need to look too much for your lost websites. The history tab will display each and every page visited, without any drop-down list nonsense. Only if by sifting through history entries you can't seem to find what you're looking for, should you try to use the search function, which is the most interesting aspect of this add-on, anyway. What it does is use any keyword you give it and cross-reference it with the current history database.

You can also search through your favorites, provided you have an astounding number of them. Keep track of them as well and create various collections by whatever criteria you feel you should. Funny enough, if you want to access the extension's dark theme, you're to find three friends to signup to the same service via your personalized link. One should also note that using the free plan for this service means that you'll have a search limit for 3000 most recent websites. Anything beyond that, and you should start thinking about trying the premium service.

History Search extension for Chrome is an interesting add-on to have around if you're dealing with a huge number of websites which have to be revisited once in a while. Remembering all those pesky site names can be really tough, which is why it would be far better for you to reach out to an extension that promises to help in your quest for lost website addresses.