There are multiple ways of populating one's multimedia library. Options are all the more varied when a valid connection to the Internet is available and Hit-Recorder provides users with a simple and practical solution for saving radio tracks to local MP3 files.

The application features numerous built-in radio stations and one is free to add his own customized entries. This can be performed in several ways, including by employing a search function, as well as by manually defining a new item. The latter approach requires that users insert the Internet address of the target radio station, as well as the genre and track delay.

Both new and old stations can be played back from within the application and users can also view track metadata when connected to a radio. Favorites can also be defined for easy access to specific resources and the program is compatible with as many as 20 concurrent downloads.

Once started, the recorder will automatically save the song that is being played on the radio to a local MP3 track. Proxies can also be employed and the application provides significantly more power to music listeners by also allowing them to use an audio editor, a CD ripper as well as a recorder for any sounds.

All these tools can be accessed via the “Tools Center” module; other available side components are the "Podcast manager" and an audio converter. This latter module can be employed to issue quick conversions of all the files downloaded from the Internet radios. Valid formats include OGGs, WMAs or FLACs and several profiles can be used to customize the output track quality.

To conclude, Hit-Recorder is a practical application for anyone who regularly uses Internet radio stations. The application can download the tracks being played and a built-in audio converter module can also be used to encode tracks to several other formats.