Hit'n'Mix is a professional software application designed specifically for helping you mix audio files by copying, moving, or deleting individual or whole groups of notes, and adding special effects.

The layout is interactive and you can count on the help manual for finding out additional information about each built-in dedicated parameter. It reveals a virtual keyboard on the left side of the main panel which shows you how the notes are played on a standard 88-key piano.

The tool lets you keep up to three tracks at once, mix between them, and upload custom audio files from your computer (MP3, RIP, or WAV file format) or read tracks from an audio CD.

RIP represents the audio format used by the application for encoding the audio files. RIP files are displayed in the primary panel as a collection of thick colored lines going across the screen, which make up the individual notes in a track.

Hit'n'Mix gives you the possibility to select notes for playing, editing, or applying effects, and play the current audio selection (the playback starts from the position of the mouse cursor or from the middle of the screen if the cursor hasn’t been placed).

You can make use of several parameters for tweaking the audio streams, such as Harmony (notes are played back with 2 or 3 semitones higher), Quantize Pitch (the pitch is moved to the nearest semitone), Correct Pitch (a note is shifted to the nearest semitone without changing its shape), Flatten Pitch (makes the whole note one pitch), and Vibrato (the note moves quickly up and down).

What’s more, you can alter the volume, switch to a stereo position, split notes, make a copy of the selected note, remove the selected notes from the track, undo your last editing operation, and set the correct instrument (e.g. piano, guitar, flute, trumpet, cello).

The Skeleton viewing mode can be activated by performing a double-click mouse operation on the background between the notes. This particular mode reveals the sounds in the audio files that are not recognized as notes, such as noise, percussion, and vocal consonants (like “s” and “t”), and you may delete, copy, and paste the chunks of the audio files in the same way as dealing with notes.

All in all, Hit'n'Mix comes packed with a decent suite of features for helping you mix your audio files in detail, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike. The tool features an interactive environment where effects are displayed in real-time.