There are many applications you can turn to when you want to capture the activity on your screen, and if you also need to record your webcam, you can try HitPaw Screen Recorder.

The main window is minimalist, displaying the main options provided within the utility: Record Screen, Record Webcam or Picture in Picture. If you want to modify some of the default parameters, you can just reveal the Settings section and start customizing the video frame rate or resolution.

You can explore a list with all the recordings, and you can even cut a certain segment of your clips by simply moving the slider to the desired start and end positions.

HitPaw Screen Recorder can be used to record not only video, but also static snapshots. Regardless of the type of capture you prefer, you can define the screen area you are interested in, and start the recording. Unfortunately, there are no preset sizes you could rely on, nor can you apply templates like menus, current window and so on.

When it comes to tailoring the resulting clips or images to your necessities, HitPaw Screen Recorder provides you with only a few options.

While you cannot enhance the output with added shapes, text messages or graphics, you can still change the way the mouse cursor looks like, as well as the pressed keystrokes.

There are also some supported hotkeys that you can replace as you see fit so as to simplify your recording tasks.

To sum things up, HitPaw Screen Recorder can easily become your default tool for quickly capturing whatever activity takes place on your PC. Even if you cannot choose the output format for your files, you can still browse and open them without leaving the app.