HOA/POA Manager is a Microsoft Access plugin dedicated to home or property owner associations that want to create and manage a database of properties, meetings, calendar of events, and other important information necessary for streamlining the entire process.

The software utility is compatible with Microsoft Access 2000 through 2016, both 32- and 64-bit versions. To be able to access it after installation, it's mandatory to install one of these Access versions in order to open the .mde-formatted file. The default username is "Admin" and the default password is "Super".

Once the plugin is loaded into Microsoft Access, you can change the administrator password and fill out your organization's details, such as short or long name, president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, phone number, county, website, and tax identification number.

Furthermore, you can create and administer accounts for owner dues and second assessments if any, as well as set accounts and data for late fee, lien fees, subordinations and any special fees. It's also possible to manage the master contact list, edit the properties master list, view and edit the compliance summary, generate meetings with attendees, and so on.

HOA/POA Manager provides you with the necessary tools for maintaining the calendar of events, along with an inquiry list. Reports can be put together to study financial, event, owner/member, task management, property and equipment/inventory details.

We didn't have any trouble running HOA/POA Manager integrated with the latest Microsoft Access edition in our tests. Although it looks a bit rough around the edges, this tool offers a comprehensive solution for those interested in creating and managing a database with a wide range of information related to home/property associations.