It's quite surprising to see how many creative and useful applications are available on the Internet, sometimes they might become quite essential to the work that you're doing. One of such applications is Holdkey Pro. It's a neat and undetectable application that could prove to be a lifesaver, if you write text with special characters on a daily basis.

The application installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive graphical interface that gives you access to all sort of features in the toolbar.

The program runs in the background and you can access it from the system tray or press Win+Alt+O to reveal the interface. You should check the developer's website and get tips before you actually start using the application.

The program is compatible with multiple applications and even text editors that you could use. It comes with three ways in which you can add special characters with accents.

You can hold any alphabetic character until the arrow sign appears and then type a number, a function or click. You can also type accents followed by a character and it allows you to hold the Windows key followed by a character to type.

It also allows you to make some adjustments and enable or disable certain program services. You can disable dead keys and enable the accent tab.

It comes with the option to select how to create characters using the accent system, so you can make sure that the application has everything that you need. It also allows you to pick the type of keyboard that you're using and enable character sets.

It also allows you to set some actions for the program overall and adjust the font size or color. All in all, Holdkey Pro is a useful application for typing characters with accents, but it has some stability issues and requires some more tools.