Home Backup is a handy and accessible application designed to offer a simple yet efficient method to backup your sensitive information to local folders or removable drives in case your system crashes or encounters critical errors. It supports multiple profiles, and each one can be customized to include different folders for a quicker process.

The app doesn't require any installation, which means it can be dropped to a USB flash drive and launched on any computer. It's wrapped in a well-structured and user-friendly layout divided into a basic toolbar and a file list, which displays the ID number, profile name, description, the number of contained items and last backup date. Adding a new account in the program, you just have to insert a relevant title and a summary.

To enter files, simply press the edit button, which brings up a new window to enter the desired items. If more have the same name and size, you have the option to skip the duplicates, overwrite or update them with an another title. Plus, the directory structure can be selected from three distinct methods, relative, full and flatten. If unwanted records are included, you can easily delete them at any given time.

The application has the ability to search and estimate the total amount of entries and their individual size for each account. If you went through all the necessary steps, you can proceed to the backup process, which might require some free space on the hard drive based on the total size of the files.

A bar is displayed with the progress, where you can view the speed per second and the remaining time until it's finished. The history tab shows all the completed and ongoing activities and from where you can enable the folders view, clear or search for particular items.

Taking everything into consideration, Home Backup is a useful and intuitive utility, accessible for everyone that provides an efficient method to create multiple copies of your files and folders and save them to particular and secure locations for future usage.