We all dreamed of going in space and watch our stunning Earth as it rotates, displaying its mighty view of continents, oceans, and thin atmosphere. Nowadays, space tourism exists, but only for very wealthy people. However, if you can't afford a trip in space, you can, at least, bring it directly to your personal computer.

If you like to spend most of your time in from a PC, and you want to bring a celestial and calm mood to your monitor, then you should take Home Planet Earth 3D Screensaver for a spin. It comes with a 3D view rotation of the planet Earth, accompanied by a specific music and dark graphics.

The installation is done before you know and requires minimum effort, and once completed, the default Windows configuration window pops-up immediately. This makes it easier to test the app right from the start. It's recommended to have DirectX present on the disk or updated to the latest version, as it's needed for the tool to run.

It's wrapped in a self-explanatory and old interface, which only provides a single panel, where all the offered functions are neatly structured. It features display and sound options, and several miscellaneous properties.

From the configuration window, you are able to pick the correct video mode (1280x1024 32 bit) or use the predefined Desktop settings, enable the VSync, and show the number of frames per second. In addition, you can activate the option to exit on mouse move, show the time, and choose the time format (12,24 hours).

Plus, if you think the camera speed is too slow, you can adjust its pace by dragging the slider to the proper value. The Gamma levels may also be tweaked to correspond with your preferences, along with music, and the sound volume. Sadly, there is no choice to use custom songs to personalize the screensaver even more.

The bottom line is that Home Planet Earth 3D Screensaver is an entertaining and simple tool, accessible for everyone, whose main purpose is to beautify and nicely decorate your desktop with a stunning 3D view of the Earth. It also brings a virtual clock, sound and music settings.