Nearly every product comes with an attached label. This represents info that the producer considers end users find useful. They can be easily created with the help of various computer applications, such as HomePrint Labels.

In order to reach the editing process you must first select the type of label you want to create. A breathtaking amount of options are put at your disposal. Clicking on one of them makes it visible in a small preview section.

These represent carefully delimited spaces which will be printed to perfectly fit in, for example, a CD case.

The application lets you make use of several tools so that no two labels look the same. Geometrical figures can be placed and edited, as well as the possibility to add text. Furthermore, a simple barcode can be generated and imported into your work, in case it is a requirement.

Even though you can customize anything you place on the canvas, the options to do so are a little time-consuming. This is because no toolbar with editing options is implemented, leaving you to manually go through the application's tabs every time you need to make an adjustment. Moreover, after each object placement, the mouse pointer becomes a selector, meaning each new shape you place requires its corresponding function to be activated.

Additionally, database fields can be inserted which proves to come in handy if you need to create a form template.

All in all, HomePrint Labels gives you the possibility to creates endless types of labels you can use for countless requirements. The design process itself can get a little difficult, but with a little patience the result proves to be worth it.