Horoscope is a small and fun piece of software that comes in handy for those who want to relieve some stress and find out what the future holds for them. You just have to fill some basic details, and the app calculates your future for you.

The tool comes as a simple executable file that doesn't require any prior setup in order to run. This way, you can drop it on an external drive and start it on any Windows-based computer.

Plus, since there is no installation involved, it doesn't tie itself to the system nor leaves any traces behind after removal. The provided layout is plain, consisting of a single window that displays six distinct sections, such as love, home, family, education, relationship and travel.

All you have to input is your date of birth that can be selected using the built-in calendar, your first name and the desired month for which you want the prognosis.

Then, you push the "Calculate your future" button, and the app determines the disposition for love, education, vacation, family, social and home categories.

The value range is from one to ten, one being bad and ten, best. Due to its casual goal, the displayed values are just for entertainment use and should not be taken too seriously.

The app could've implemented a few more fields, like age, gender, activity or marital status for a more precise estimation. Plus, it would've been nice if you could export the results to a TXT, RTF or CSV file to store them on the drive.

Taking everything into account, Horoscope is a small and interactive application that can be used by everyone who wants to find what the stars reserved for them.

All you have to enter is your date of birth, name and month you want the prognosis. Keep in mind that the tool is for recreative purposes only and should be treated as such.