Even if you are not planning a multiple-day event with hundreds of competitors and expensive prizes, organizing a horse show still requires efficient managing that accounts for the venue, entry fees, devices, judges, announcer, photographers, so on and so forth.

Horse Show Assistant is a lightweight utility that enables you to keep track and manage all aspects associated with organizing horse show, including monitoring the payouts based on the fees paid.

The program comes with a colorful UI, a welcomed choice especially since it helps you visually distinguish between different entries and exhibitors. In addition, the interface is well organized and allows you to access and edit reports, members, classes, winners, scores, MOS, check out and payouts.

You should know that the application can support up to 150 classes for which you can import or add, edit and delete the data from an Excel sheet.  Moreover, the app incorporates a Last Action line at the bottom of the screen that displays the last thing you did, an option that can be quite helpful for a manager who is constantly interrupted.

It is necessary to mention that the program comes with an end of the show report function, a feature that can be useful if your show was a success and the local media wants more details about the pertinent information.

Moreover, the program includes several others reporting tools such as the member profile and age group, a feature that can prove valuable for organizing your future shows. A further noteworthy tool is the grounds fee report, especially since it allows you to easily check exhibitors, quantities, costs and whether they were paid. On a side note, you need to have the printer connected to your PC in order to view these utensils.

Depending on the location where it takes place, a horse show can be a simple event where a few friends get together to discuss their hobby. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that everyone leaves the horse show satisfied or content, then perhaps Horse Show Assistant could lend you a hand.