HotFolder works in conjunction with PDFCreator to help you instantly convert your documents to PDF format. What this application actually does is continuously monitor the content of one or more folders on your computer and automatically save the files as PDF documents to a specific location using the PDFCreator virtual printer.

Needless to say PDFCreator has to be installed on your computer in order for HotFolder to function properly. Furthermore, it is recommended that you create a PDFCreator profile with the 'auto-save' option enabled.

Working with the application is easy, since all you have to do is create a new configuration file by specifying the folder to be watched and the output location. Files that cannot be printed (for instance, images or executables) can be optionally moved to a separate folder.

You can also choose the PDFCreator virtual printer that will be assigned all the conversion jobs. Creating multiple configurations means that more than one directory will be monitored by HotFolder.

Once the 'Start' button in the main window is pressed, HotFolder analyzes all the files that end up in the watched location and automatically initiates conversion. By default, the application is set to open generated documents using any installed PDF reader.

All the performed actions are logged, so you will be able to take a look at any error HotFolder might trigger during conversion or file saving.

HotFolder can be minimized to the system tray and do its job in the background, without interfering with your work.

HotFolder comes in handy to any PDFCreator user, allowing them to automate file conversion tasks. Thus, all the printable documents that end up in a monitored location are automatically converted to PDF format, which saves you a significant amount of time and improves your workflow.