HotKey Manager is a Windows utility for shortcuts creation and customisation. Using shortcuts you can optimise number of keyboard and mouse movements and quickly access your applications and settings.

With help of HotKey Manager you can greatly speed up your rate of work. Pressing hot keys you can paste frequently used text, launch applications, open folders, favourite web-pages, dial-up connections, quickly change sound volumes.

HotKey Manager allows you to make shortcuts sequences so that the number of shortcuts available is very large. HotKey Manager is a must for your performance optimisation. You can stop making the unnecessary movements of mouse over and over again with the help of one combination.

You control the sound without switching off or minimizing your favourite games or business window. Without difficulty type the same text time and again only pressing two or more buttons, manage and fully control the playing process of CD tracks.

You fasten your work launching the application on key press or opening your favourite web pages without searching it in the web pages bookmarks.

Here are some key features of "HotKeyManager":

■ You can execute any installed application

■ Open directory on your PC

■ Paste some predefined text or type it into a field or emulate keystrokes

■ Make some window manipulations like close, change window size, change windows order or start screensaver

■ Automatically control the volume

■ Make use of CD Tray and control its actions as well as playing of the CD contents

■ Perform system actions such as Taskbar control, opening web browser or mail client

■ Execute power actions of your PC, like shut down, log off or restart

■ Execute own plug-ins

■ Assigning key sequences for actions

■ Creating your own plugins (plugin example with sources included).

■ Multilingual interface with opened format. It allows making your own application translation.

■ Possibility to create and use different profiles allows saving or restoring your favourite keys in a few clicks.


■ 15 days trial